How Much Do Business Administration Managers Earn?

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January 17, 2018
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March 17, 2018

How Much Do Business Administration Managers Earn?

If you are a student who is about to make one of the most important decision of your life, which is choosing a college course, this article is perfect for you. One of the field that you should consider is Business Administration. Why this course? Because more and more opportunities are opening up both for graduates and masteral degree holders of this course.

Business Administration Managers are sought after because of the flexible role that they can play in any company’s set-up. They are trained to lead, coordinate, and arrange the different range of company activities to ensure a smooth business process.

Some of the functions that they perform in a company set-up include:

  • In charge of assigning work spaces for employees and company resources. This can include considering the relationship of the physical set-up in relation to work efficiency.
  • Supervising crucial business processes involving several departments such as information processing.
  • Overseeing the logistics of the entire organization which may cover product distribution, telecommunications, security, recycling options, and transportation.
  • Ensuring that the company meets government requirement and regulations, observe safety standards and comply with contracts.

Business Administration Managers are positioned in all industries but a large number of them are identified with specific sectors such as the educational services, healthcare, government offices, finance, and the insurance industry.
The compensation of these professionals can differ greatly based on the nature of their work, technical expertise, the industry that they belong to, and the geographical location of the business. In 2010, the average income of Business Administration Managers is $73,520*. The actual range is between $52,000 and $98,000*. Those who are employed as top company executives earn approximately $129,000* a year, while those who are at the entry level positions earn around $38,000* per year.

What these *Occupational Employment Statistics(OES) don’t show is the stiff level of competition involved in occupying the limited number of top executive positions available across all industries. Those who are applying for low or entry level management jobs will most likely get employed faster than those in the upper bracket of the organization.

But regardless of the specific roles that they play in a company, Business Administration Managers are expected to be meticulous, analytical, progressive thinkers and have good leadership and communication. So, if you think, these are qualities you possess, take a chance, you just might be perfect for this profession.

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