What is Business Administration?

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March 17, 2018
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June 17, 2018

What is Business Administration?

Business administration involves studying all of the different facets of managing and operating a business. This includes learning about the financial, marketing, accounting, and management aspects. All of these departments work in conjunction together in order for a business to operate and successful enough to thrive in the economy. Hierarchies are often set up in businesses in order to spread the chain of command and have different people controlling all of the departments of the company.

College Background

Someone who has majored in business administration from college has taken several courses that would comprise the degree. In most university settings, there are core business classes that all students must take, regardless of their chosen concentration. These classes include basic level finance, accounting, marketing, and management courses.

After taking the core business classes, students take the classes that are more specific to their chosen majors. For example, an accounting student would take classes specializing in accounting for the remaining semesters of his or her college career. With a broad business administration degree, students are asked to choose additional classes from each of the different concentrations in order to further grasp the concepts taught in the basic core classes.

Occupation Opportunities

A business administration degree holder will have the knowledge to enter various occupations, including: accounting, store manager, director, human resources manager, and many other career paths. Business administration provides the graduate with knowledge about many subjects, will allows for the degree to be very flexible in applications when applying for jobs.

Key Skills

The most important skills a person must have before considering a degree in business administration (regardless if it’s just general business or if it’s a special concentration such as finance) are: the ability to be able to communicate well and to work well in teams. In the working world, projects often get accomplished through teams. Communication skills are necessary to discuss business deals, proposals and ideas with people internal and external to the company.

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