Company Information: This answers the questions, when was our business formed? Who are the founders and what are their roles? How many employees are there? What are our business locations? When you first open or start your business some of the questions will be very simple to answer while others will take some serious research. The best thing about doing it from the ground up is that it will be easy to maintain and edit as things change because part of your responsibility for running the company is to review your business plan at least annually. A lot of this information is readily available from any major company that has gone public with stocks. As an example here is Time Warner’s company web page. One other piece of advice that will save you heartache later if any type of mishap happens while working on any document, save often! I will do a save at least after every paragraph and any time I step away from the computer.

“Les Waller International was formed in 2018. The founder of the company is Lester Waller Jr and his role is as the CEO/owner of the company. Currently the only employee is Lester Waller Jr. The business was incorporated in Nevada as a non-Nevada entity. Les Waller International has a presence on the Internet through the following websites: leswaller.com, to-publish-or-not-to-publish.com, master-of-business-administration.net, fine-art-nude-photography.com, and game-of-go.com.” The first page or the official page for the business still has some work to do therefore I have not started to advertise or market the page until it is completed.

Growth Highlights: This assumes that your business has been in existence for a while, so you would show the growth of the company since its inception. I would not show this section at this time, since mine is a start-up.

Products and Services: This is self-explanatory, what is it that you offer?

“We offer English language books that were originally published in a foreign language. The books will be related to areas where I have knowledge and experience. For example, business, information technology, go, international relations, and Asian studies. These books cannot be found in English elsewhere. The books will be available in hardcover, paperback or eBook format.”

Financial Information: This is looking for information on your current banking and investing situation in the event that you are looking to borrow money for your business. My intent is to build the business with my full-time salary and re-invest any residual income that comes from my services. In the past I was able to sell Korean and English language go books through an online store that earned approximately $600 per year.

Future Plans: Where will your company be in one or five years from now?

“The initial goal is to produce one English language book semi-annually. The mid-term goal is to produce one English language book every quarter starting in 2015. The long term goal is by 2020 to be the English language publisher that the foreign publishers come to for the publishing of their English language version of their books, thereby publishing one new book every month.”

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